Updated: Oct 9, 2020

A real estate marketing floor plan is a very clear, visual representation of a property which includes the measurements and existing layout of the various areas in the property and includes fixtures such as doors, windows, sinks, baths, toilets and shower enclosures. These floor plans are specifically  intended to be used for representation purposes and are not architectural plans. 

Including property floorplans as part of your marketing strategy is a must for property practitioners to stand out from the competition and create an immediate and lasting visual impact.

From the prospective client’s perspective, a property floorplan offers a better idea if property is likely to be suitable before viewing, especially if clients are not locally based. This greatly reduces time spent on viewings.

A few benefits of utilising floorplans:

  • Features such as extensions, storage space, windows and open plan rooms as well as measurements minimises the chances of wasted viewings.

  • Floorplans demonstrate the flow, size and potential of every home, including ones that currently look smaller due to clutter and untidiness.

  • Providing floorplans helps prospective clients remember the property clearly after the viewing, especially if they have viewed multiple properties or have not spent a long time viewing the property.

  • Future clients can use the floorplan to plan how their furniture and belongings will work in the space.

  • Appeal to a larger client base, especially those not locally based to view.

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