How can Virtual Builds really help me?

Having a virtual build of a potential property is not just about admiring what soon shall be, but also serves as a guiding tool around proportions and density surrounding architecture. And it's proven to sell property more quickly and more effectively.

Once the domain of businesses with large purse strings, virtual builds are becoming more affordable and available to the mainstream market.

Selling a property off-plan becomes much more persuasive if a potential buyer has a virtual build to explore, allowing developers and architects to showcase the weight and value of their designs in an interactive format.

If your client cannot understand the architect's eye, a virtual build by InspectorP is the perfect tool to speed up an approval process, see every perspective, improve spatial awareness and create better marketing material than ever before.

The cost of a virtual build is determined by two factors - the inputs provide )3D architect files are cheaper than 2D sketches or blueprints), and the final outputs required. This is because to create a virtual build we must first build a virtual model.

InspectorP offers everything from virtual photographs, spot-to-spot 3D tours (allowing a view of a property from different pre-selected vantage points) or a flow-through virtual build (allowing a free-roam walkthrough). We can also create virtual videos showcasing the property to it's maximum. And of course all the finishing's can be customised to your taste!

complex virtual build

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