The Essentials to Prepping Your Residential Property for a 3D Virtual Tour

A Matterport camera scans a full 3D 360 view of each area/room which means that everything present in a room that can’t be hidden or moved, will be seen. In other words, the camera sees everything! It is crucial to prepare a property before a virtual tour to ensure quality outputs and to create the best possible first impression of the property, aiding in shortening the sales cycle.

Here are a few tips and guidelines to ensure for a smooth shoot and a great virtual tour.

  • Get rid of general clutter (bins, pet bowls, TV remotes, paperwork, laundry etc).

  • In the kitchen, remove clutter such as drying racks, spices, bins, sponges and remove excess appliances to create more counter space.

  • For bedrooms, the beds should be neatly made and any clutter on bedside tables and shelves hidden away.

  • For bathrooms, fold towels neatly on the rail, close the toilet lid, remove mats, and pack toiletries away.

  • Add some colour and use lifestyle props where possible (flowers, bowl of fruit, wine bottles, beach towels by a pool etc). Avoid seasonal decor, like holiday lights as this will date your virtual tour.

  • If there is a garden, remove debris and any visible garden tools such as lawn mowers.

  • Conceal unsightly wires or chords that are visible & unplug them for the duration of the shoot.

  • Remove any personal or valuable items you do not want to be visible in the scan.

  • Ensure that no contractors are busy on site on the day and that anybody in the property on the day can remove themselves from areas/ rooms where the scan takes place. This includes pets. Any movement in between scans will interfere with the results.

  • Ensure that all lights throughout the property are working and that there is sufficient power available on the day (in the case of prepaid meters). Also make sure lights are consistent within fixtures by making sure bulbs are of the same type (warm or LED).

  • Make sure the property is spotlessly clean, especially windows if there are great views.

With these tips in mind, you should have no problem getting a property camera ready for a successful virtual tour.

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