What is Matterport anyway?

Immerse yourself in a real life feel of being in a property when InspectorP uses Matterport technology to divine a virtual tour, as if you were really there.

By using a series of camera positions, InspectorP can scan the property from every angle to provide a captivating marketing experience, that can also serve as an architectural and engineering tool.

Floorplans, photographs and a Matterpak can be extracted to provide dissectional data for professionals to alter and adjust, which is especially useful for mid-construction projects to avoid alterations at a later stage.

A 3D visualisation can be provided, giving viewers a more personal experience, as well as tailored and edited Matterport photographs in selected areas. External surrounding areas can be captured in 360 to complement the detailed interior perspective (and InspectorP can even include an elevated 10-meter external photography of the property as part of the offering).

Using Matterport, InspectorP can provide detailed digital data which professionals find invaluable, as well as marketing tools that can be exploited for social media on all platforms.

Your chances of getting exactly what you want out of your property just get that much better with InspectorP and Matterport.

At InspectorP we can provided the following powerful outputs from one site visit:

  • 3D walkthroughs

  • Information tags at strategic position within the property

  • Marketing photographs - extracted and professionally edited

  • Branded marketing floorplans

  • Matterpak imports for industry professionals

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