Please read these Terms and Conditions ("Terms", "Terms and Conditions") before utilizing the services offered by InspectorP Pty Ltd ("us", "we", or "our").  


Orders / Bookings: InspectorP will only accept instructions for assignments via the online client portal unless agreed otherwise for individual or adhoc bookings at InspectorP’s discretion. Once an instruction has been received (on the portal or in writing), an Agreement is deemed to exist between InspectorP and the Client (including any users and representatives), under these Terms and Conditions and booking requirements (booking requirements available to download at the bottom of the page).


Lead time: We require bookings to be scheduled as far in advance prior to the inspection, especially over month ends (25th - 5th). Where bookings are scheduled 3 business days or less prior to the job date, we will endeavor to assist as best possible. No booking made online is presumed as confirmed until this is confirmed on the system or in writing from an InspectorP representative.


Missed Inspections & Waiting Time: Where a booking has been confirmed and access to the property agreed, should the inspector not have access to the property in order to perform the assignment, the inspector will attempt to make contact with relevant parties by phone calls and wait for 15 minutes, thereafter it will be deemed to be a missed inspection which carries a fee of up to R450 if access is not possible. This also includes scenarios where renovations or large repairs are in progress; where deep cleaning is taking place or where occupants are still largely moving out of the property (save for a few small boxes or personal items) and the property is not ready to be fully inspected. Where inspections have been delayed due to moving or cleaning, a prorata waiting fee will apply.  InspectorP will notify the client or relevant representative immediately of any situations leading to a missed inspection or delay. 


Cancellation policy: Confirmed and scheduled inspections cancelled by the client within 48 hours from the confirmed and scheduled job (2 business days), will carry a cancellation fee of up to R450.


Incorrect property address: Where a job cannot be started due to an incorrect property address provided, a ‘missed inspection fee’ will be charged. The inspector will make every effort to find the property including phone calls and google maps. 


Inspection Contacts: Correct contact details need to be provided by the client, especially if access to the property is to be provided to the inspector, and these contacts to be added to the online inspection booking. Where contacts are added to assignments, it is the clients sole responsibility to select the correct notification settings for contacts loaded, i.e. Signee, Notify of conduct date & Deliver completed report. 


Correct key & access Instructions: It is the client's sole responsibility to clearly instruct InspectorP on the online booking portal what the access and key arrangements are at the time of scheduling a job.

Property Keys: Keys/remotes/access disks must be organized into sets prior to the inspection and/or clearly labelled. Inspectors will not organize, attempt to identify or sort keys that are not clearly labelled or organized into sets. Unsorted, unlabelled or unknown keys, will not be tested. 

Key drops: InspectorP will not accept responsibility for lost keys when instructed to deliver to an unsupervised location (post boxes, drops through letter slots in doors etc). InspectorP will fully record such key drops supported by time and date stamped photographs where possible. Where key drops/collections are required, InspectorP charges R50 per drop/collection if within a 15km radius from the property where the inspection is required. Additional charges per kilometer will apply for any drops/collections required that do not fall within this radius.


Additional comments: Our standard disclaimers for inspection reports state that parties have 7 days to report any additional snags or defects upon occupation/vacation. The report will be open for signatures in this period only. Tenants can comment directly online in a column called ‘additional comments’ and add additional photos (where activated on client profile settings). InspectorP will not be involved with the manual addition of comments and photographs to inspections on behalf of tenants, landlords or clients or notifying parties thereof, when comments have been inserted. Automated emails will be sent to the account holder (and any secondary emails added to the client profile) provided this email setting is not deactivated on the client's profile settings. 


Updated report: Should the client request an updated inspection report, with changed conditions and additional photographs, we will provide an updated report for a flat fee of R50 (photographs need to be provided). Updated conditions and photographs to be provided by the client. 


Breakages: InspectorP will not be responsible for any costs arising where items are damaged while testing, due to the normal course of an items lifespan or where these items are already deteriorating or if any existing damages are present leading to more serious damage due the normal course of our duties, i.e. inspecting, handling and testing functionality of items. 


Data protection: All inspection reports and associated data are stored and protected by Amazon Web Services Enterprise (AWS), cloud based and SSL protected. InspectorP will not share reports to any party/contact unless specifically authorised to do so by the client & authorised representatives/users. Where InspectorP is contacted by a third party directly to request a copy of the report, it is deemed acceptable that InspectorP may only re-send to specific contacts who have previously been selected to automatically receive the respective inspection reports. Any persons requesting reports not found as a contact for the relevant inspection requested will be directed to the Client.


Pricing: We reserve the right to change our pricing at any time.  InspectorP reserves the right to deviate from any quotes or pricing provided beforehand, for any property not of reasonable proportions or where accurate area counts were not provided. Prices/fees referred to in these terms, are exclusive of VAT. 


Incorrect property information: Pricing for inspection reports are based on the total number of areas or rooms inspected, and not the number of rooms indicated at time of booking, should this differ.


Invoicing & payment: Invoices are raised per job, on the 15th of the month, monthly in arrears for the period of the 15th to the 14th. Payment is due 5 days from receipt of invoices. Accounts in arrears will attract penalty fees and will be handed over for collection via an agency if in arrears for more than 60 days and all access to the portal / system will also be terminated, until amounts owing are settled. 


Delivery of reports: Inspection reports will automatically be emailed in the form of a link via the portal once the report has been completed. Inspection reports are automatically sent to the main account holder, any secondary emails loaded and to individual contacts selected to receive reports upon completion. InspectorP will endeavor  to complete reports within 48 hours (2 business days) from the scheduled date of the job for standard, unfurnished inspection assignments. It is the clients sole responsibility to ensure completed reports have been received by all parties.


Vetting of inspectors: Reference and criminal clearance checks are conducted on our inspectors. 


Description of items: Inspections are condition reports where the superficial, cosmetic condition of items are recorded as seen by the inspector. This can include furniture, fixtures and fittings. It is not intended as a report for property valuation purposes. Reporting on the premises and its contents is done so in layman's terms, and InspectorP does not claim to be specialists regarding safety regulations nor valuations of any type. This inspection refers only to the superficial description of an item's colour, texture or material (e.g. gold, leather, wooden), and is not an accurate indication of the actual material of the item. 

Working order and condition:

Taps/Toilets/Light switches/Windows/Doors/Handles/Hinges/Ovens/Stoves: will be tested to confirm working order.

InspectorP acts as an independent body and can only report on matters ‘as seen’. It is no guarantee of, or reports on, the adequacy of, or safety of any such equipment or contents, merely a record that such items exist at the property as at the date of the inspection and a superficial condition of the same. 


Structural: Inspections do not constitute a structural survey and any structural faults are not reported on. 


Maintenance: All maintenance problems found either at the commencement of the tenancy or during the term of the same, should be reported promptly to the Agent/Owner, not to InspectorP. InspectorP will record anything requiring potential ‘maintenance’, replacing’ and cleaning’ as identified by the inspector. It is understood that InspectorP does not claim to be specialists in fields such as plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, heating, pool,  irrigation, alarm or media installations and where issues are flagged for maintenance or replacing, we are merely notifying parties that a potential problem or defect has been identified as described on the report. Similarly, where items are tested for power, it is understood that we will not investigate further as to why the items may not be functioning (other than if switches are on at the main electric board or that it is plugged in IF accessible), merely that we were not able to switch on the appliance/item. It is at the client’s/landlord's sole discretion on what issues are to be investigated further and attended to by qualified contractors. InspectorP will not be responsible for any contractor fees for any reason whatsoever. 

Date and Time: The date and time stamps on the photographs of the inspection report, serve as evidence of the actual date and time the photograph is taken or imported to reports.


Pre-arranged job date & times: InspectorP will not be responsible for manually confirming appointments directly with tenants/contacts where assignments are booked by the client with pre-arranged dates and times. It is advised that tenants and relevant contacts are set to receive notifications on the booking system when a job is scheduled by the client where automated emails will be sent once the booking is confirmed by InspectorP. 


Fire Safety Equipment: If smoke detectors/carbon monoxide monitors or any other safety equipment is present, this will be noted. Working order is not tested. 


Responsibility: Any information which is manipulated on the report after the handover of the report, is not the responsibility of InspectorP.  InspectorP does not accept liability for any damage related to the property and its items, nor does InspectorP accept any responsibility for any loss or theft related to the property. It is the clients sole responsibility to ensure any representatives/tenants/landlords and any other party involved, is made aware of the terms and conditions.

Acknowledgement of Accuracy: Whilst all care has been taken to provide a fair and accurate report of the condition of the property, InspectorP will not be held responsible for any items missed, damaged or not seen. The client and relevant parties involved have 7 days after the date of this report to lodge any discrepancies (either in email form between tenant/ agent/landlord or using the commenting function on the online report). Should there be no discrepancies or comments within this period, InspectorP will accept this as an acknowledgement of the accuracy of the inspection report.

Heavy Objects: Please note that inspectors will not move heavy items of furniture, including but not limited to,  mattresses, bed frames, large sofas/chairs and electrical appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, fridges etc. 


Overcrowded Areas: Upon performing the assignment, all rooms should be clear of clutter and manageable to perform the assignment. Our inspectors will not report on areas such as overcrowded drawers & cupboards.

Occupied Properties: All properties must be vacant and ready when we arrive in order to carry out ingoing and outgoing inspections. InspectorP cannot perform comprehensive inventory, ingoing or outgoing inspections where properties are still occupied. Condensed condition reports can be performed for occupied properties and this to be on a case to case basis strictly at InspectorP's discretion. Please note that no inventory recording will be performed on midterm inspections and, under no circumstance, when a property is occupied.  

Inventory Items:

All items needing to be inspected for an inspection must be manageable, hygienic and in an easy to access area. Any items stored in boxes or on high shelving, or high cupboards must be brought down and laid in an accessible area prior to the inspection and stored items, unpacked out of boxes and wrapping. Failure to do this will result in the items not being inventoried accurately.


We will not inspect or handle dirty or wet items. Unwashed dishes, unlaundered towels, bed linen and other similar items will only be inspected if in a manageable state to inspect. Miscellaneous items that are considered of little or no monetary value will not be recorded as well as sport equipment, toys, books titles, DVDs, cleaning/disposable products or edible items left in the property.


We will not move any heavy items or lift up items such as mattresses, couch cushions, seaters, carpets etc. Mattresses are inspected where possible and fully visible. Mattresses under made / covered beds cannot be fully inspected. Bed frames and bed bases are superficially inspected and recorded and cannot be fully inspected where mattresses are laying on top.


Inventory on outgoing inspections: Where InspectorP has performed the ingoing inventory, it is essential that items are returned to where they were originally recorded on the outgoing to ensure an accurate comparison.

Safety of our inspectors: Inspectors will not test equipment or access areas that they deem to be unsafe. Nor will they ascend any ladders, stools etc to gain height for any purpose whatsoever. Inspectors reserve the right to leave the property at any point during an assignment if the inspector feels unsafe and/or threatened in any way. A call out fee will become applicable and/or a pro-rata charge for the areas already inspected.  


Testing of Appliances & other installations: While common appliances such as stoves and ovens are tested for power during inspections, we are unable to fully test them. In cases where this has been unplugged or switched and the power source is difficult to reach or hidden, we will not test.  Where properties are furnished, common household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, kettles, toasters, microwaves etc will not be tested. Where Pool pumps and equipment, irrigation systems, alarm installations are present, this will not be tested and only the visible condition will be recorded. 


Limited Access: Every effort will be made to carefully inspect the property and its contents, however, we cannot attempt entry to inaccessible properties/areas/rooms for any assignment and in cases where properties are occupied, we often will not be able to inspect the interior of cupboards and drawers. 

Electricity Supply: It is the clients sole responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient credits on prepaid meters or power supply for us to conduct the inspection on  the scheduled date and time. We will not record any rooms/areas or items where we have poor visibility and no items will be tested where electricity is required.


Report signatures: InspectorP is not responsible for obtaining signatures from tenants or other parties listed as signatories for reports, however we will endeavor to obtain signatures wherever possible. This responsibility lies solely on the client to track and obtain signatures.


Joint Inspection Responsibility: The inspection/inventory service being offered by InspectorP is document/report preparation. Should tenants be present, InspectorP will do a very brief walk through of the property where possible with tenants, explaining our process of what we record and pointing out certain defects as examples. InspectorP will record any key handovers that take place. It is not InspectorP's explicit function or sole responsibility in any way to perform joint inspections with tenants as stipulated in the rental housing act, as we are supplying reports for the purpose of recording the condition of the property for when tenants take occupation or once tenants have vacated, regardless if we meet tenants or not at the time of the inspection.


Replicated Inspections: For outgoing inspections that are required to be replicated for the purpose of an ingoing inspection, it is understood that InspectorP will only provide the online report via the system when a replicated inspection is requested and will not attend to any physical key handover or meeting the tenants moving in. InspectorP will only facilitate the handover of keys from the tenants moving out, to the tenants moving in at the same property, if scheduled in succession to each other and on the same day, at InspectorPs guidance/discretion. 


Duration of assignments

We are unable to supply an accurate or commit to any specific time restraints (time on the job) for any assignment.

Booking Requirements & Best Practices:

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