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move in inspection report
Move In  & Move Out
R450 for up to 5 areas (excluding vat)
R60 per additional area (excluding vat)

InspectorP performs ingoing, outgoing, mid-term and inventory inspections that record a property’s condition in its entirety, supported by date and time stamped photographs.  

Inventory inspection report
Inventory Inspections

R250 per hour (excluding vat) 

Access and share your reports online, at any time, through our online client portal where you can also book your inspections with ease. Receive quality, comprehensive reports within 48 hours.  

mid term inspection report
Mid-term Inspections

R350 for up to 5 areas (excluding vat)
R30 per additional area (excluding vat)

Our reports are unbiased, automated and easy to read with all visible defects, damages and potential maintenance items flagged for your convenience.

commercial inspection report
Other ...

Contact us should you require conditions reports outside of those mentioned above.

For example do you require, weekly common area inspections, monthly risk assessments? 

We would LOVE to chat! 


Frequently asked questions

What is typically inspected at a property and what is recorded?

Each item in each area/room is inspected and the condition recorded individually as well as any existing defects. Basic functionality of fittings and fixtures is tested (windows, lights, ovens, taps etc). This is supported by time and date stamped photographs of the item in its entirety and detailed photos are taken if any defects, maintenance or cleaning issues are present.

Will reports highlight items that need cleaning or require maintenance?

Yes. Inspectors will flag any potential maintenance required that they are able to identify as well as any items that need cleaning or replacing. This is clearly highlighted on the report and summarized for your convenience.

How far in advance do inspections need to be booked?

Please try to book inspections as far in advance as possible especially over month end as we often are at capacity over this busy time. We cannot guarantee any inspections booked within 72 hours but we will try assist with last minute bookings wherever we can.

What is the turnaround time?

You will get your professional, comprehensive report within 24 to 48 hours (business days). We need this time to sync report data and perform a quality control check.

How do I book an inspection?

As an InspectorP client, you will receive login details to book directly onto our online system. If you only require once off inspections, you are welcome to book via the website booking page.

Do you contact the tenants to schedule inspections or must this be pre-arranged when booking?

We only require a date for when the inspection must take place (except midterms). If you have a time pre-arranged, you can book this accordingly, otherwise if the time is not confirmed we will gladly contact who we need to, to schedule a time.

Do inspectors test for damp, electrical and plumbing problems?

Since we do not perform technical or structural inspections, our inspectors will only test basic functionality of fittings and fixtures in the property and will only record visible defects that they are able to identify.

Are you able to collect/drop keys?

Yes. We can collect and deliver keys within a 15 minute journey time of the property. The cost of this is R50 per drop and R100 if this is not within a reasonable distance, for example between different suburb regions. This will not apply if the keys are available onsite or at a next door neighbor.

Do you perform inspections over weekends, public holidays?

Yes, subject to availability. Availability may be limited over public holidays but we are generally available to assist.

Do I have to be present while the inspection takes place?

This is not mandatory but if you do wish to be present, please do give the Inspector time and space to complete the inspection.

How long do inspections and inventories take?

We are unable to give you a precise time estimate as this depends on the size of the property, its condition and contents. Inspection times can vary from 1 hours up to a few hours for larger properties. You are welcome to contact us for guidance for any time sensitive bookings.

Do you collect signatures from tenants?

We cannot guarantee collecting signatures on reports however we do try our best to get reports electronically signed onsite wherever possible. Once the report has been concluded and shared, InspectorP will not be involved with requesting signatures and this will remain the responsibility of the client.

What if a tenant does not arrive for their scheduled inspection?

We will attempt to contact the tenant and establish a timeline. If tenants are running excessively late or are not contactable, we will not be able to perform the inspection and you will be notified immediately. If this cannot be resolved when on site, this will be deemed a missed inspection which does carry a fee.

What if the tenant is still in the process of moving out when inspector arrives at the property?

We require properties to be vacant and ready to be inspected. If tenants are still moving out the last of their smaller personal items (a few boxes or small items) then that would be acceptable. However, if the tenant is largely still loading furniture and packing items, we will not be able to perform the inspection and this will be deemed a missed inspection which does carry a fee. You will be notified immediately.

Will you be able to assist on short notice?

We try our very best to assist with last minute bookings, but this cannot be guaranteed. You are welcome to contact us if you have any emergencies and we will try our best to assist. The best is to book as early in advance as possible especially over month end and weekends.

I have a tenant moving in after tenants are moving out, how can you assist?

We can attend to 2 consecutive handovers as long as we have sufficient time to complete a majority of the outgoing inspection before the ingoing tenant arrives for handover. The move in inspection in this case is referred to as a replicated inspection where the move out is duplicated at a fixed rate of R150.